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Humid throughout the day and partly cloudy until evening.
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Talanei Headlines

Senate holds hearing on Retirement bill Thursday

Wednesday, September 19
The House version of the bill to increase the ceiling on the amount of Retirement Fund money that can be invested locally is now with the Senate Retirement Committee, headed... Read More at Talanei.com.

Retirement Committee Chairman explains why he switched

Wednesday, September 19
The chairman of the House Retirement Committee Rep. Vailoata Amituanai says his main reason for switching his vote from no to yes on the bill to raise the ceiling of... Read More at Talanei.com.

ASPA prepares employees for possible paycuts

Wednesday, September 19
The official word from the Acting Executive Director of the American Samoa Power Authority is, “No decision has been made.” He was responding to KHJ News enquiries about... Read More at Talanei.com.

$500,000 for supplemental disaster feeding benefits

Wednesday, September 19
In a press release issued this afternoon Governor Lolo Moliga announced a grant award of $500,000 by the US Department of Agriculture, Food and Nutrition Service to the American... Read More at Talanei.com.

$500 to register a matai title under proposed hikes

Wednesday, September 19
Significant increases are proposed for fees currently charged by the Office of the Territorial Registrar for registration of matai titles, land, leases and other services offered by this office. As... Read More at Talanei.com.

Chamber schedules discussion with EEO Director

Wednesday, September 19
On Wednesday the American Samoa Chamber of Commerce will host Glory Gervacio Saure, Director of the Honolulu Office of the US Equal Opportunity at a round table discussion at Sadie... Read More at Talanei.com.