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Rain starting in the evening.
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Light rain overnight.
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Humid and partly cloudy throughout the day.
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John Tesh

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Talanei Headlines

Immigration sponsor given chance to voluntarily return

Monday, June 17
The immigration sponsor for several Indian men found to have overstayed their entry permits is being given a chance to voluntarily return to the territory. That’s according to Director... Read More at Talanei.com.

Immigration fees to go up in August

Monday, June 17
The Attorney General’s Office is proposing increases in entry permit fees for foreigners, applications for permanent residency and extending the validity of American Samoa Certificates of Identity from six... Read More at Talanei.com.

Natural Resources Committee holds hearing on citizenship bill

Monday, June 17
The House Natural Resources Committee is holding a hearing this week on Congresswoman Aumua Amata’s bill to streamline citizenship for U.S. nationals from American Samoa who choose to... Read More at Talanei.com.

SAAS sail double handed dinghies in SF Harbor

Monday, June 17
This past week, American Samoa sailors began an advanced summer sailing program in San Francisco Harbor. Sailors of the Sailing Association of American Samoa are well versed in Optimist and... Read More at Talanei.com.

Chinese investment company seeks 160 yr lease

Monday, June 17
A Chinese company has reportedly given the Samoa Government a wish list that the government should meet as a condition of their investment in the country with a variety of... Read More at Talanei.com.

After HUD visit, DOC to develop policies for disaster recovery funds

Saturday, June 15
Acting Governor Lemanu Peleti Mauga and key ASG agencies for disaster repsonse and recovery met recently with senior officials from the US Department of Housing and Urban Development headquartes in... Read More at Talanei.com.