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 Sunrise Crew

Samoan Sunrise with John, Sia and LJ

We call our morning show Samoan Sunrise because it's a great way to start the day as the sun comes up over Tutuila.  Samoan Sunrise is hosted by Pennsylvania-native John Raynar, along with Sia Atofau and LJ Solo.

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 Jodie Stevens

Jodie Stevens

After a earlier career as an international assassin, Jodie Stevens found that she enjoys radio more than killing people.  "It's less messy and the music is more entertaining", Jodie says.  Jodie loves playing all your favorite music on 93KHJ.

 Johhny Wolfe

Johnny Wolfe
"The Wild Palagi"


Johnny is back!  We used our influence to speed up his parole, and now Johnny is back where be belongs - afternoons on 93KHJ.  Johnny plays lots of great music and initiates daily attempts at humor.

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 Doug Kramer

Doug Kramer

Every night from 7pm-Midnight, Kramer and his cast of misfits take over the airwaves on 93KHJ.  Tune-in for lots of great music and lots of other fun and surprises.

 Brian Curry Brian Curry

After spending several months exploring the Australian Outback for the most venomous snakes, spiders, and jellyfish on the planet, Brian is back on 93KHJ!  Probably a wise decision.  Now you can hear Brian on the radio overnights and on Sundays on 93KHJ. 

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 Jim Gregory Jim Gregory

Jim Gregory, affectionally known as "Big Daddy", is now heard on 93KHJ every weekend.  Jim, who once won first prize in a Capt. Kangaroo lookalike contest, even bought a cool shirt when he heard we were going to take his picture.

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During the week, Lucky is the captain of a local fishing trawler, but on the weekends, she loves playing all the classics on "Solid Gold Sunday" on 93KHJ.

 Jay Logan

Jay Logan

Jay's fulltime job involves raising wild squid, but he can't get away from working at least once or twice each weekend on 93KHJ.  In his spare time, Jay enjoys collecting coconut shells and watching reruns of Gilligan's Island.





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