Here are some frequently-asked questions concerning KKHJ-FM...

Q: How can my business advertise on 93KHJ?

A: Call us at 684-633-7793. Advertising on 93KHJ is an economical way to generate more sales at your place of business. (See "Advertise on 93KHJ" on the menu bar at left).

Q: My church is having a bake sale. Can you announce it on-air for us?

A: 93KHJ provides a limited number of free Public Service Announcements for qualified non-profit organizations. If you are engaged in a not-for-profit event and are not paying to advertise in any other media, you may qualify for free announcements. See "PSAs" (on the menu bar at left) for more details.

Q: How do I get to be a DJ?

A: It's not as easy as you think. Having a good voice helps, but it's also necessary to have a fun personality and the ability to relate with people. Unlike the "old days", there are very few live DJs spinning records, so the job opportunities are limited. But, if you think you have what it takes, send us your resume. (See "Employment Opportunities" on the menu bar at left).

Q: Are all the DJs on 93KHJ actually in Pago Pago?

A: Honestly, no.  The "Samoan Sunrise" morning show originates live from our studios in Pago Plaza.  However, some programming is what is known in the industry as "voice tracked."  Off-island talent record their segments, which are automatically inserted into our daily programming.  

Q: Wasn't there a "93KHJ" in Los Angeles at one time?

A: Indeed there was.  During the 60s and 70s heydey of Top 40 radio, KHJ-AM 930, known as "93KHJ" , was Southern California's leading Top 40 radio station.  Since our official call-letters are KKHJ-FM and our dial position is 93.1, we chose to call our station "93KHJ" in honor of the legendary Top 40 giant.  The original KHJ-AM still exists in Los Angeles and is now a Spanish-language station.

Q: Where is 93KHJ located?

A: Or studio facility is in Pago Plaza.  Our transmitting facility is atop Mt. Alava, overlooking Pago Pago and a repeater (known in the industry as a "translator") is located atop Mt. Olotele.

Q: How is 93KHJ connected with V103?

A: Both stations are owned by South Seas Broadcasting, Inc., and share facilities and staff.



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